Monday, September 10, 2007


Any guesses as to what this ad is trying to convey?

adMad Fortnight Trivia
Its a pleasant Monday and we are off with a brand new round of adMad Trivia. But before that, the much awaited results of the last fortnight (Sorry to say that the fortnight was three weeks for us ;-), unexpected turn-outs in the work front, you see) But, here it goes...

Abdul came top with 8 correct answers! Way to go man!
Followed by Anish and Deepthi with 7 each!
And Glenn came third with 4 correct answers.

We experimented something different (anagrams, picture connects) in the last round of trivia. I hope it interested you guys. Please await similar things in future as well. :D

Now, moving on to the new season of trivia...

adMad Fortnight Trivia #1
Easy one: Which famous brand was started by the brother of Adolf Dassler who founded Adidas?

Post your answers through the "Enter Trivia Answer" link. Have a great week guys!

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