Thursday, March 01, 2007

adMad – Reloaded!!!

What's New!
You would have noticed that adMad is going through a surge of activities off late, with greater frequency and variety in postings. To add to it, flaashgordon (Brand Equity Quiz 2006 winner) has joined adMad in its efforts to take it to the next level! A big round of applause! :-)

A few words on what you can expect from the new adMad reloaded!

> A better, more vibrant template
> Handpicked print ads showcasing the best the advertising world can offer
> TV ads
> Last but not the least, we will have an excellent Brand Trivia question at the end of each post on the next ad we are putting up. You may use your guessing skills or conveniently Google the answer and mail it to We will put up the list of winners in the next post.

So to kick off this new adMad Brand Trivia Section here is the first question...

adMad Trivia #1
The very first name of this lollipop was "gol", Spanish for "goal", due to the lollipop's resemblance to a football. But Enric Bernat, the founder was not totally convinced with this name and took another name. In order to advertise their lollipops, the young entrepreneur and his colleagues created a song that was played on the radio.

English translation for the same was:-
Get something sweet to lick
Lick lick lick a ....
It's round and lasts so long
Lick lick lick a ....
It's on a stick
So you stay clean
And if you want to get a mouthful
Lick lick lick a ....

Due to the catchy chorus, young consumers were soon flocking to candy stores and sing for ".... ...." instead of the actual name. Ever aware of his market, Enric Bernat decided to go along with this involuntary change and following the philosophy of "If you can't beat them, join them", re-christened his product. What was the new name?

Mail in you answers to If you are a blogger, please mention your blog URL in the mail.

The answer and an amazing ad of the product will be posted tomorrow :-)


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