Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pizza Hut

What the ad would have meant is, approach the Pizza Hut delivery guy if you want quick medical care (synonymous to their faster delivery) but it also has the connotation that medical care should accompany the Pizza delivery guys coz they are prone to accidents due the kind of ride they make on two wheels. What do you think of this ad? Is it a wonderful ad that effectively conveys the faster delivery service of Pizza Hut or does it show the opposite of what it is intended to convey? Or is there anything else that comes to your mind on seeing this? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

adMad Trivia Fortnight
In 1997, former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev starred in Pizza Hut's ads to raise money for the Perestroyka Archives. Of those who identified the company successfully, the lukcy winner is, Thanu. Congrats Thanu, and to all those who got their answers correct.

adMad Trivia Fortnight #3
The sub brand of an Indian auto brand is named after its Direct Injection COmmon Rail diesel engine. Which brand? Remember; we are looking for the brand, not just the company.

Post your answer through the "Enter Trivia Answer" link. Go cracking guys!

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arun said...

riding triples in a bike is illegal in india. i guess its the same with other countries too.