Monday, November 26, 2007


The tagline says, "What most people want from a computer company is a good night's sleep". Quite true!

adMad Trivia Fortnight
Before we announce the lucky winner for the day, here's the much awaited tally of last fortnight's trivia.

Glenn came first with a whopping 9/9 correct answers!
Bipin came close second with 8/9!
Deepthi & Anish were third with 7/9 each.
Congrats to the top three. Keep the spirit going..

The two personalities in the previous trivia were Thomas Watson Sr. and Thomas Watson Jr. IBM was founded by the Sr. & later run by Thomas Watson Jr. They were hence called FATHER & SON company. Also the punchline, "think". The lucky winner for the day is Bipin. Congrats man, and to all those who got their answers correct.

adMad Trivia Fortnight #6

Identify the person and the brand associated with him..

Clue: "Maybe Ron is loving it but so does the fitness industry"

Post your answer through the "Enter Trivia Answer" link. Have a great day guys..

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