Friday, April 06, 2007

Amnesty International

Amnesty acts against human rights violations.

adMad Trivia
The lucky winner for the day is Rajesh. Congrats dude and to all those who got their answers correct. Keep the spirit going. Now moving on to today's question.

adMad Trivia #30
It was launched as Lynx by Elida Gibbs Ltd in 1985. In Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United Kingdom it is still sold as Lynx. In South Africa it was sold as Ego until 2002. The brand has different options for customers such as Apollo, Atlantic, Clix, Conviction, Enygmata, Essence, Groove. Their popular UK ad, (also shown in India) featuring a guy performing a spontaneous dance routine with some women in a bar, catapulted the accompanying track "Make Luv" to the UK No. 1 spot in the music charts. Just name the brand.

Post your answer as a comment. Have a nice day. :-)


debjit said...

The answer is AXE :)

Glenn Suares said...


Bhavin said...

The Brand is "Axe"