Wednesday, April 25, 2007


The tagline says, "wonder what holds Bollywood scripts together?". Now what the ad is trying to convey is left for your imagination. Any guesses, please post it as a comment. Click on the label below to see other Fevicol ads posted in adMad. A few of Fevicol's TV ads can be found here.

adMad Trivia
We got a set of different answers yesterday. But Fevicol it was. And the winner for the day is jz.sinr. Congrats and to all those who got their answer correct. Keep the spirit going guys and do spread the word around. Now moving on to today's trivia.

adMad Trivia #43
........ism is a Marxist term for a "form of production" or "production paradigm" that spread from the US to Western Europe after 1945. It consisted of domestic mass production and stabilizing economic policies that provided national demand and social stability by paying relatively high wages. It is typified by a cycle of mass production and mass consumption, the production of standardized (most often) consumer items to be sold in (typically) protected domestic markets, and the use of Keynesian economic policies. It is also a reorganization of the entire productive process by means of the moving assembly line, standardization and the mass market. Name the pioneer (also the name of the brand) after which the term is named. (Easy answer though all this might sound all mumbo jumbo ;-))

Post your answers as a comment. Please to note that comment moderation is enabled so as to make your answer copyrighted. ;-)
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