Friday, April 27, 2007

Nokia N93i

The tagline says, Nokia N93i. With extra powerful zoom. To understand better, have a look at similar Nokia ads in adMad.

adMad Trivia
The winner for the day is Anish. Congrats sir and to all those who got their answers correct. Keep the spirit going :-). Now today's dose of trivia.

adMad Trivia #45
Originally operating as Microtel,this company had entered a market that was dominated by colourless and emotionless brands. Their competitors’ products were inflexible, confusing and represented poor value for money. Microtel’s product offer and service levels were innovative and attractive, so the way these were expressed through a new brand was crucial. The new brand had to establish itself as being radically different from its grey competitors.Brand Consultancy Wolff Olins provided research, devised the brand’s strategy, and developed the name and visual identity. It became the benchmark for all its competitors, forcing them to rethink their own pricing and positioning strategies. Which was this brand name chosen by Mictrotel which expressed all the qualities of the brand: warmth, friendliness, energy, and optimism.

Post your answer as a comment. Have a nice day. Admad Trivia will resume on Monday :-)


Div said...


Thanu said...

Best Inns

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Vidwata said...

argh!! i missed two days trivia!!! but no worries, an apple a day keeps the doc away..but it is orange this time!

Brand name : Orange

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Sourabh said...

Orange SA