Tuesday, April 24, 2007


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adMad Trivia
The response we got for the last trivia was awesome. Keep the spirit going guys. The lucky winner came out to be Rushaan. Congrats and to all those who got their answers correct. Now, today's dose...

adMad Trivia #42
The Magdeburg hemispheres were designed by German scientist Otto von Guericke in 1650 to disprove Aristotle's famous supposition that 'Nature abhors a vacuum'. These were a pair of large copper hemispheres precisely cast so that their rims fit tightly together. When the rims were sealed with grease and the air was pumped out, the resulting sphere contained the world's first artificial vacuum. Guericke's most famous performance was carried out on 8 May 1654 before the Emperor Ferdinand III, and attracted crowds from all over Saxony. Before the emperor and a large crowd, Guericke greased the rims of the two hemispheres and carefully fitted them together. Then the local blacksmith began vigorously pumping the air from inside the sealed copper globe.A team of eight horses harnessed together was led into the square and attached to one hemisphere of the copper globe. Another team of eight horses was then attached to the other hemisphere. At a signal from Guericke, the two teams of horses strained forward in opposite directions, attempting to pull the two hemispheres apart, but no matter how hard they pulled, the horses could not separate the spheres. The vacuum inside the globe meant there was no opposing pressure to balance this great outer force. A variation of a sketch of this experiment was used by Levi's as their logo. The question is... which Indian brand uses another variation of the same sketch as its logo?

We guess its an easy one. Anyways, post your answer as a comment. Please to note that comment moderation is enabled so that your answer remains copyrighted. Have a nice day.



Div said...


jz.sinr said...

is that 'fevicol ka jod'?

BTW, hav u considered the 'Hamara Bajaj' ad.

Glenn Suares said...

Levi Strauss & Co.

Anonymous said...

Its fevicol... with 2 elephants instead of the horses on each side.

- Ramya

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