Friday, April 20, 2007


Old and outdated printers have found better uses when the new HP printer was released! The tagline says, "Put your old printer to better use. Trade it in". Have a look at similar HP ads posted in adMad by clicking here.

adMad Trivia
The lucky winner for the day is Suchitra. Congrats and to all those who got their answers correct.

adMad Trivia #40

The company is named after the surname of Swiss man Julius Michaël Johannes .......(1846-1912) who inherited the family business, a mill in Kemptal, near Zurich. When the founder's friend Dr. Schuler recommended the wide use of dried vegetables, peas and beans, given their rich nutritive value; he produced appliances for roasting and grinding these vegetables, to make flour from peas, beans, lentils etc., enabling housewives to make a quick nourishing soup. Eventually, he put his instant product - vegetable powders- on the market, under his friend Doctor Schuler's patronage. He distinguished his products by a four branched star, with a cross in its' heart. Several artists were invited to make poster ads and as early as 1895 there was an ad where artist Firmin Bouisset designed a poster with a young girl holding a sign which read "..... specialities are an advantage to every household". A slate was at her feet, with a list of their products, suitable for any time of day:
" If I behave well
I'll have a delicious breakfast
a succulent consommé
2 excellent soups, or 2 delicious bouillons
".......... , to thicken your soups and sauces"
Name the brand.

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Thanu said...

Maggi.. have an awesome weekend

Vidwata said...

Brand is Maggi!

And now it belongs to Neslte's product line.

I am hooked to your trivias. Will post my answer everyday.

Glenn Suares said...


Rushaan said...

Is that Maggi?

Div said...

Maggi :)