Sunday, April 29, 2007


As a special request from one of our readers who identifies himself as jz.sinr ;-), here is the Bajaj ad from 1989. Am sure watching this makes you nostalgic of those DD only days. Enjoy!! :-)). Btw do comment in and let us know what exactly do you like about this ad and is there any nostalgic memory which it triggers of in your mind. Do you think this will work in today's India??? We will display your comments here this time.


Vinay said...

Lovely ad. Reminds me of those good old days. Brings to me a sense of nationalism.

There was another bajaj ad when they introduce their bikes. It had two guys on a bike with the pillion carrying a Sitar.Does anyone remember that?

Vinay said...

Found it:

Karanbir said...

Nice ad for it's time. But what is perhaps more in touch with the times and maybe even more nostalgic for the gen-x is this version of thw ad in late 90's

flaashgordon said...

@vinay/ karanbir : thanks for ur comments. yeah , i agree ..guess bajaj really had their fingers on the pulse of the nation when they went for the ad you hav mentioned ..thats where many of us identified ourselves to be ..we're cool but , still traditional enuff, respectful of elders and our rituals , and being so doesnt make us "un-cool" in anyway. that feeling was somewhat reassuring , eh?

The older one was more 80s ..the difference is felt.When i see the I kind of remember the old india cricket matches (days when kapil dev was playing and even one day cricket was played in whites) if i rembr right the ad used to come very frequently during those matches

Deepu George V said...

I feel sad 2 years back, when the salesman in the Bajaj showroom said, Bajaj is going to stop production of Chetak. There was a last model kept for display/cum sale in that showroom. I went there to place an order for Pulsar. Still I can see lot of Bajaj chetak in the road.

--Deepu George V