Wednesday, June 13, 2007


An amazing ad; whatever it takes to have a Peugeot, or at least to have something similar to a Peugeot. Share your opinion about this ad in the comments section...

adMad Trivia
So the answer to last trivia is Peugeot. Among the 7 correct answers we got, the lucky winner turned out to be Abishek Sahoo. Congrats man, and to all those who got it correct this time. As you know, we are tallying the correct answers each day to decide on the Fortnight winner. So keep answering the trivia guys...

FN:1, T:3
This company was started by Charles Lazarus in Washington, DC during the post-war baby boom era in 1948. Its name was derived as a pun on the founder’s surname. Currently this company operates 587 stores in the United States and nearly 600 stores are operating in 29 other countries, some of them under franchises or licenses. The flagship store in New York City's Times Square is the largest toy store in the United States, featuring a colorful Ferris wheel. Name this brand which also has a mascot called Geoffrey the Giraffe.

Post your answer as a comment through the "Enter Trivia Answer" link. All the best and have a nice day guys..

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