Monday, June 25, 2007


Cool one! The music, the color tones, the roads and the settings give you a nice Italian feel to the ad. From the start you know something is going to go wrong but cant guess what. And then; the climax which makes you go Ouch!

Btw Alex Zanardi, the driver featured here, later drove for Williams team but with limited success and got replaced by Jenson Button. Later in 2001, he had a tragic accident which cost him his legs. Alex Zanardi Edition Honda Acura NSX Type S variant sports car, was introduced in 1999 for the U.S. market to commemorate his 2 back-to-back championship wins in 1997 and 1998 in the North American CART Champ Car open wheel racing series.

Winners: adMad Trivia Fortnight #1
The inaugural Trivia fortnight saw some tough competition; and we have the winners!

Drum roll and here is the top 5...

1. Sri - 10 /10 points! Awesome performance!

2. Deepthi Nair - 9 /10. Congrats to you too! You got everything but the Ariel question.

3. Anish - 8.5/ 10. Too good. You got all the questions right in the second week.

4. Abdul Quadir - 7/10. 5/5 in the second week for you too. Congrats!

5. Shyam - 6/10. Good work! Keep up the spirit.

For those who came in late, adMad trivia fortnight is a series of 10 questions running through a fortnight. We will be asking you a trivia question everyday and the next day's featured ad will be of the company/brand which forms the answer of today's question. Cool?

Here we go with the second series of adMad trivia fortnight questions. Make sure you start answering from today. You got time till we put up the next day's ad to answer each question. Please use the Haloscan section "Enter Trivia Answer" for answering the trivia questions.

adMad Trivia: Fortnight #2, Question #1
Even though the name of this 46 billion Euro conglomerate is an acronym; it also means "let there be" in Latin. Some of their sub brands include Panda, Ducato, Scudo, Punto, Stilo, Idea, Croma, Ulysse, Iveco and Doblò. They also own the newspaper La Stampa (literally “The Press”) which is one of the best-known Italian daily newspapers, published in Turin and distributed all over Europe. Just name this conglomerate.


Shyam said...

FIAT...btw,where's the usual link through which we enter our answer?!?!?

Jithu said...

> shyam
when it happens, refresh the page and see..