Friday, June 08, 2007

Talk Talk

Here's a great ad with amazing execution from Talk Talk of the UK aired for the promotion of their landline services. The ad is simply superb for the way in which it is executed.

The ad strengthens the punchline, "Lets do it together".


Ajith said...

That was truly amazing execution..Wonder how much they would have practiced for that :)

flaashgordon said...

you can imagine the director sitting on a crane with a megaphone supervising the entire efforts :-)..Awesome creativity isnt it?

Jithu said...

yes ajith, the kind of effort they wud've put for the ad wud be tremendous..

as flaash just pointed out, huge cranes wud've taken its position near highways and gardens and malls to shoot this ad.

am wondering abt the cameraman who shot this. he wud've been hanging downwards.. ;-)

overall a wonderful ad..