Friday, June 22, 2007

Sanyo TV

A very Indian feeling ad from Sanyo. What do you think of the ad? Do let us know in the comments section

adMad Trivia Fortnight

Really sorry about the goof-up yesterday!!! The word Sanyo wasnt supposed to be in the question at all. Somehow got overlooked- Apologies!!!Anyway, I have given points to everyone who answered right but am not announcing a winner today.

Will announce the winner of the Trivia Fortnight series on Monday!!Lets move ahead to the last question of the inaugural adMad Trivia Fortnight.

It was founded in 1853 when the founder came to San Francisco, California to open a west coast branch of his brothers' New York dry goods business. One of his customers was Jacob Davis, a tailor who frequently purchased bolts of cloth from his wholesale house. After one of Jacob's costumers kept purchasing cloth to reinforce torn pants, Jacobs looked into the root cause and discovered a business opportunity. However he did not have the required money to purchase a patent, so he wrote to the wholesaler suggesting that they both go into business together. After he accepted Jacobs' offer, on May 20, 1874, the two men received patent #139,121 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Whose origins are we talking about?

Use the Trivia Answer section for answering the question. Tomorrow, we will be putting up an ad of the brand which is the answer to today's question.

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