Saturday, June 16, 2007

Land Rover

An ad revealing the true use of a Land Rover..

adMad Trivia
So the answer to last trivia is Land Rover and the winner of the day is Anish. Congrats and to all those who got their answers correct. :-)

Below is the story so far in the First Admad Trivia Fortnight. Sri is in the lead followed by Deepthi and Anish. Sri has spent a lot of money at Toys R Us, and hence could remember the retailer from the clues.. Anish has 3.5, the 0.5 for getting Palmolive though not mentioning Colgate :-)).

We haven't considered those answers that were posted after we announced the result of one particular trivia. Just to be on the fairer side, no offense :-)

Well, its not over yet, there's one full week of trivia to be answered by the end of which we will announce the first Trivia Fortnight Winner!! So keep at it, dont miss adMad for even a day...

adMad Trivia Fortnight - First week Tally
Name: Total
Sri: 5
Deepthi: 4
Anish: 3.5
Praneeth: 3
Div: 3
Jincy: 2
Abdul: 2
Shyam: 2
Sandeep Pai: 1
Arun MA: 1
Abhishek: 1
Glenn: 1
SR: 1

Have a nice weekend guys.. :-)

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