Wednesday, May 30, 2007


"Where imagination saves the day!!", says the punchline.

Now, many girls might have already "imagined" him as their "proverbial-dragon-slaying-princess-rescuing" Prince (and not Shrek ;-))

Anyway Beckham's makeover as Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty was one of three new celebrity portraits shot by the world-renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz for the Disney campaign. Others in this series were Pop star Beyonce Knowles, was featured as a demure Alice in Wonderland, sitting in a teacup alongside fellow singer Lyle Lovett as the March Hare and actor Oliver Platt as the Mad Hatter. A third one was actress Scarlett Johansson photographed as Cinderella. Have a look at these ads by clicking on the label below.

Beckham's ad came soon after his move to USA and to the LA Galaxy soccer team.

adMad Trivia #65 answer
I thought the names of brothers Walt and the mention of media would be clue enough for thinking of Walt Disney but guess I was mistaken ;-) Only 2 correct entries this time and the winner is Gauri! Special congrats to you!

We are thinking of some more improvements in admad Trivia section. Will announce the same on June 1.

adMad Trivia #66
Really easy one this time (OMX: NOK1V, NYSE: NOK, FWB: NOA3). Which company are we talking about?

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