Sunday, May 06, 2007


Weird one I thought. How would the agency have convinced the car company to put an ad like this ? Would they have said " Here's the idea, we wont show the car at all, we'll have an ugly torn poster and all that remains on it will be the Audi logo" And they would have gone " Awesome, what a amazing concept. People will certainly flock to buy our car after this!!. How much would you like to be paid for working so hard on this" ?? ;-))))

Hehehe...what do you think about this???


jz.sinr said...

It's weird. Seriously, how did the agency manage?
There needs to be a target audience. What cud this target audience be?
Maybe they were workin on the curiosity quotient.

Vidwata said...

It's interesting!!!

The very first thing, the audience will say is, 'hey but where is the car!'. And the impression this ad wants to create is obviously that the first person who saw this poster ripped the picture of audi and took it with him! So, the expected response from teh audience is 'Must have been a great looking car!!! Must check this model (Quattro).'

I saw a similar kind of ad, a little more sophisticated where they show, the picture of the product being advertised ripped out of the magazine. I don't remember the product and I can't say where I saw the ad (may be here).

But what I think is these kind of ads will work for cars, bikes ... products that have an appeal. One would say a sexy car, or a macho machine. So when looks matter, one would want to have a look. And the ad would have sufficiently stir the curiosity. Here I agree with jz.sinr about the curiosity quotient.

Moreover, Quattro is a sports/rally car, so I think the target audience are definitely not the stereotyped prospect.

But I guess it must have not been easy to convince the client with this kind of an ad!

flaashgordon said...

@jz.singr: No particular target audience i guess just for this ad. Curiosity it would be

@vidwata: well, thts a good definition of how things wudve been. Theyre so confident of the brand etc , they think just the logo will do. But then quattro wouldnt be lauched via this ad. this will be much later i think....

g said...

No dude!!!! the msg their trying to send is that everyone steals the posters, thats how good the car is

Jithu said...

the message is, a person who is impressed with the car in the poster had torn off the poster to keep it with him. The logo alone was spared in the act.

In fact Absolut had come up with a similar ad which cud be viewed here

Rigi said...

Weird at first, yes, but having a soft spot for Audi's Quattro models the idea is actually pretty clear. They're 4-wheel drive and a long standing theme in the ads have been that they have amazing grip.

So, when everthing else is gone, there's still four points that stick - the wheels of Audi Quattro.

Having figured that out I now feel all warm and fuzzy inside for thinking I'm reallyc lever. So a good poster, but very targeted.