Friday, May 11, 2007


Just do it!! The picture was the product of a three-hour photoshoot by an unnamed photographer and was the brainchild jointly of Nike executives and their advertising agency Wieden and Kennedy. Drenched in blood-red paint and screaming a war-cry, this chilling image of Wayne Rooney in England's 2006 World Cup campaign was condemned as 'offensive', 'exploitative' and 'tacky' by MPs and church groups (as it was considered to be a deliberate echo of Christ's crucifixion) though according to Nike it was nothing more than the England flag... What is your take on this? Do share your review in the comments section.

adMad Trivia
So the answer for last trivia is Nike. From another awesome response, the winner turned out to be Gauri. Congrats there and to all those who got their answers correct. Keep the spirit going :-). Now today's dose.

adMad Trivia #53
This company built the Zero Japanese naval fighter planes in World War II. It was used by Japanese Imperial Navy pilots in the attack on Pearl Harbor and in kamikaze attacks until the end of the war. Currently, this is a conglomerate with the top 29 companies in it being members of the ----- Kin'yokai, or "Friday Club", and meet monthly.The company name can mean "water caltrop" (also called "water chestnut"), and hence "rhombus", which is reflected in the company's logo. Another translation is "three diamonds". Just name the company.

Post your answer as a comment through the "Enter Trivia Answer" link below. Please to note that moderation is enabled there.. Have a nice day..


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