Thursday, May 10, 2007


The tagline says, "Talk all night at 10 paise per minute". The ad shows a night sky with umpteen star like figures in it, where each of those are small speech callouts. Wonderful idea!

Also have a look at other Hutch ads posted in adMad.

adMad Trivia
So the answer to last trivia is Hutch and the lucky winner for the day is Sreejith. Congrats man, first time to make it.. :-)

adMad Trivia #52
They are a huge brand but often controversial. In 2004, their ad about Lebron James beating cartoon martial arts masters in basketball offended Chinese authorites, who called the ad blasphemous and insulting to national dignity. The ad was later banned in China. The forced labor camp like conditions in some overseas production plants of this company led to several boycotts together with coining the alternative name "swooshtika" for their brand. Recently they have ventured into a hitherto unexplored market and introduced the brand Air Zoom Yorker, designed to be 30% lighter than their competitors. Name the brand.

Post your answer as a comment through the "Enter Trivia Answer" link below. Please to note that moderation is enabled there.. Have a nice day..

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