Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kerala - God's own Country

Back in 2005, during my B-school days, we had to give a presentation about communication campaigns as part of our marketing course. My group took "Express Yourself" by Airtel. After our presentation, another group came to deliver theirs. And before they started, they played an ad. The entire class was spellbound. And it was the ad you just saw..

As for me, I was kind of stumped when I saw this ad. Is my Kerala this beautiful? But after that, it occured to me. Yes, she is beautiful. Probably, i didn't realize this because I never tried to realize it.

And "Kerala - God's own country" is one of the most successful communication campaigns ran by the Dept. of Tourism, Kerala. In case you are curious, the initial "God's own Country" ad campaign was envisioned by a team from Mudra and the account has been later handled by Stark Communications.

The ad is artistic, nostalgic and showcases a Kerala which is serene, pristine and different from any place you know. It also focuses on the culture - via the indigenous art forms which Kerala has to offer. It would generate in any one, a desire to visit God's own country some day.

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adMad Trivia
So "God's own country" was the title of Thomas Bracken's poem. A big round of applause to all who got their answers correct. The lucky winner for the day is Div. Congrats there. Now moving on to today's trivia.

adMad Trivia #61
The founder of this corporate was Nandlal Madhavlal Dhoot. A successful sugarcane and cotton grower, he established a sugar mill in Maharashtra's Gangapur in 1955. He initiated his three sons: Venugopal, Rajkumar and Pradeep into electronics business with collaboration from Toshiba. Currently this company has a market capitalisation of almost Rs. 90 billion or Rs. 9000 crore ($2 Billion), and its logo includes two 'E's on either side which represent the Group's wide spectrum of interests ranging from 'Electronics to Energy'. Just name the company.

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Anonymous said...

santosh sivan's magic !

flaashgordon said...

thtas right , it was magically captured by santhosh sivans camera !Forgot to mention that