Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Now, that's what you call determination! Donno whether this one is released in India. Share your thoughts on this ad in the comments section...

adMad Trivia
So, the non alcoholic drink was as simple as Coca-cola. What happened after 1886 is history. It created a brand with #1 brand value in the world. The additive of Coca-cola is still unknown to the rest of the world and is one of the well kept business secrets.

The winner for the day is Anish. Congrats sir and to all those who got their answers correct. Keep the spirit going and do spread the word of adMad and adMad Trivia arround! Now today's dose of Trivia.

adMad Trivia #60
A small prologue to the trivia. I was telling flaash yesterday (well, he is very fond of video ads for which I was against initially but had to succumb to his pressure ;-)) that I got an awesome video ad, if he can make a question out of it. When I told him about the ad, he was in the air :p. Not because it was a video ad or the ad was that great (On second thoughts, I guess it is indeed great) but as it was something close to our hearts. I guess it would be the same with many of you :-). Hmm.. okies.. I have added enough to the expectation levels :p. So here goes the question!

The earliest recorded use of the 3 word phrase was as the title of a poem about New Zealand written by Thomas Bracken sometime in the 1880s. It was published in a book of his poems in 1890, and then again in 1893 in a book containing a selection of his works, titled "Lays and Lyrics: ................. and Other Poems". However, nowadays if you hear this phrase you would not think of New Zealand and instead would be thinking of another land quite far from it but arguably; as beautiful. Name this phrase which has also become one of the "Superbrands".

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