Monday, July 30, 2007

Birra Morretti

Dont try this at home !!! ;-)

adMad Trivia Fortnight Series #3

In the last adMad Trivia Fortnight series , the winner was Abdul Quadir , but this time ..........

well............its "Abdul Quadir" once again ;-))!!! He's got a 9 out of the 10 points possible. Any victory speeches?? You can share in the comments section..

Anish & Glenn , you both just missed out by solitary point and finish second with 8 points each. Congrats to you too guys !!...Deepti comes next 7 points. Congrats to you too ma'am!!
Also congrats to everyone else who participated, do keep up the spirit in the next series

adMad trivia is taking another break for a week but meanwhile check out some great non-English ads we are going to put up this week !!!!


Abdul Quadir said...

Hi everyone!Really excited at winning back-to-back fortnight ad-mad trivia series.In fact i didn't think it would be possible at all after i missed one question due to disruption in internet services during last week.But im very happy for myself that i managed to do it again.
Well i guess that is not a very good victory speech,but im trying to getting used to it now.I hope i will be giving many more such speeches fortnight after fortnight.

Glenn. said...

Hi, I would like to know what exactly is the benchmark of choosing a winner. My score shows as 6 while I had answered 9 correctly. Is it the exact brand name taht you are looking at?


flaashgordon said...

@ Abdul: Congrats !! great effort, you got the Indian Express answer which made the difference. Keep trying out the adMad trivia and also do spread the word. Best of luck for the next time too


flaashgordon said...

Glenn, i owe you an apology. I tallied again ..i'd missed giving u points for Morphy Richards and Post It. However, as you had missed Indian Express and Absolut in this series of adMad Trivia ,it is not 9 , but 8 which takes you to joint second along with Anish. . I have changed the winner announcement accordingly.
Guess blurry eyed tallying scores after a long office day makes you a bit more error prone than you expect :-)

Glenn said...

I answered Absolut as well...I only missed Indian Express this time...!!!!

flaashgordon said...

@glenn: Nope , We didnt get the "Absolut" answer, I have sent u a mail at your yahoo id , with the screen shot of the haloscan page

Sorry man


clemenza said...

hey flaash

i had got 9..

i missed the indian express question..

u have given me 8


flaashgordon said...

@aNISH urs remain 8, as u hadnt got Wrangler either..