Friday, July 06, 2007


What a way to park !!!! Cool, eh? Smaller cars often have a bigger appeal for city dwellers being much easier to park. The ad effectively brings out this aspect of Mazda..

Now about next week............

We were thinking of having something different for the next week. ie: The ads you absolutely hated !!! Video ads or Print ads. Send your nominations at as soon as possible and we will try to feature them here at adMad. More so if we hate those as well :-)). If its a video ad try get a Youtube link or so, else if it is a print ad send the same as an attachment...You can also have a few lines on why you hated it so much...

adMad trivia Fortnight # 2 last question

For the second time in this trivia fortnight, Anish is the lucky winner of the day's quiz.Good one there again...

On to the last question of adMad trivia fortnight# 2 now

A current affairs business news question for a change. In 2006, which company edged past General Motors Corp. to become the world’s biggest automaker by sales volume in 2006?

Answer the question using the Answer Trivia Question link

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