Tuesday, July 24, 2007


The Ducati Biker towering over a highway of cars !!

adMad Trivia Fortnight Series #3

The day's winner is Anish

In the Trivia Fortnight Series, after the 1st week of questions, there are 2 joint leaders - Glenn Suares and Abdul Quadir, both with 4 points each. Anish (aka TechJ aka Clemenza :-)) is just a point behind with 3 (sorry man, I cant give u points for VF coz the clues point to Wrangler specifically ). Deepthi Nair has 2 points and there are several "one"s.

Here is the next question. Short and sweet...

Whose punchline is "Delivering Mumbai" ?

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Glenn Suares said...

who was today's winner???