Monday, July 09, 2007

Fair and Handsome

First ad to kick off the "Ads we hated" week...

Well what do we say about this ad? Not only was it pretty stupid with a lame concept and had an irritating sound track, it was aired ad nauseum during quite a few cricket series between every over. I know many of u hate this one as well. Let us know eitherway in the comments section

adMad Trivia Fortnight # 2 Winners

The second adMad Trivia Fortnight series saw much more competition , and there were many who participated. However, the concept of this series is that those who are consistent in answering adMad trivia questions right are the winners here...

After 2 weeks of questions, Abdul Quadir has won this one with a perfect 9 points (there were only 9 questions this time). Congrats man. Amazing performance from you.. Now, there are 3 contenders for the Runners-up position - Anish , Deepthi Nair & Jincy Thomas; all who have ended up with 8 points each. Congrats to you too !!Glenn comes next with 5 points. Good one, man..

Taking another break from Trivia right now while we run the "Ads We Hated" series for this week.Do contribute ads for the same at

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