Friday, July 13, 2007


I'm sure this choice for the worst ads series will be vehemently opposed by many. But well, mebbe we're tired of seeing these soppy sweet "oh so cute" children in ads. Also mebbe we did'nt find the li'l monster quixotically beating up the water puddle particularly cute.Promoting li'l bullies and general WWE style violence in kids, whatever they say , yeh Daag acchaa nahin hai!!

There were many other ads which we wanted to feature here in the "Ads we hated" series, such as the old Sachin Colgate ad, and the current Xtra Mile ad while ends with the Petrol stn assistant running after the family in space suits, shouting "Mere Liye Taare laana" ;-) etc. But then we could'nt get hold of the videos for the same. Mebbe another time.

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Deepthi said...

hey!!!!!! I really like this Ad!!!!

flaashgordon said...

So does my wife!!! but guess wot, guess some ads trigger totally differing reactions among viewers :-)))