Monday, July 16, 2007

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adMad Trivia fortnight Series #3

For those who are new to adMad, here are the rules of adMad trivia.

* You can play this by entering your answers via "Enter Trivia Answer" section of comments below.
*The next day's ad will be the answer to the brand trivia question asked on a particular day.
*Just answer the question and we will feature your name the next day if you happen to be the "Lucky winner of the day" .
*Also each question is a part of a series called "adMad trivia fortnight" which consists of 10 questions running thru 2 weeks.
*Even if you do not win the "Winner of the day" your points are accumulated and your name will be featured here if you are one of the top 5 scorers at the end of the fortnight

Hope you got it right - To kick off the series 3 of adMad trivia fortnight here is the first question:-

The history of this company starts in post war Germany when radios were subject to strict Allied control. Max ".........." had an idea, a radio without vacuum tubes is not really a radio.So he introduced the brand of radios named The Heinzelmann which is a radio kit with only one circuit, for short, medium and long wave. This became the best-seller in Germany. Currently it is one of the most well-known brands in Europe. Its recognition factor lies at a unique 98% in Germany alone.They currently use the simple punchline "Made for you” and are present in India too. Just name the brand

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