Thursday, July 12, 2007

Coca Cola

Pepsi has been featured here in the "Ads we Hate" series which we are running this week, so can Coke be left behind? Here is one awful ad from Coke. I know, there will be different opinions on this one, there are many who liked it for Aish giving it back to the eve teasers; but then again for many, it all seemed so artificial and irritating. Its just our opinion , you are entitled to have your own..Aakhir Opinion hai aapki :-)))


Glenn said...

Surely one of the most patethic ads we have seen in a long time.

flaashgordon said...

yeah, thts y it deserved to be here :-) in the worst ads section

Anonymous said...

I love this ad!!! It brings out the flavor of the rual Hindi hinterland so well.