Monday, March 19, 2007

Fresh Catch

This ad was released for a restaurant in Mumbai, symbolizing the freshness of the sea food they serve!

adMad Trivia

adMad Trivia #16
In 1968 a really famous Music Band set up a Recording company to manage their creative affairs. Later in 1977, a fan of the band, set up his own company with a friend & named it by the same name as the recording company. A band member objected and a legal battle started. Finally, they reached a deal in 1981 that each company will stick to their respective businesses which were different. This was ok till 2003 when the fan's company now much bigger, got into the "music business" in a manner of speaking. Another legal battle ensued, and ended only in Feb 2007. Which brand name are we talking about, and name the band too if you can. This is very guessable :-)

Post your answer as a comment here. Please note that we have enabled comment moderation so that your answer would be sealed! :p

Have a nice day and Happy New Year to Karnatakites, Andhrites and Marathas! :-)


Sandeep Pai said...

Apple Records and the band is the famous one from Liverpool - The Beatles.


CruciFire said...

APPLE :), Beatles, Steve Jobs

Div said...