Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Nice ad! Any guesses as to what this ad is trying to convey?

adMad Trivia
So Vicks was it. Amruthanjan being the local rival. We got 7 correct answers today and the luncky winner is Anjana. Congrats lady and to all those who got their answer correct. Keep the spirit going.

adMad Trivia #18
In 1848, this company built the first long-distance telegraph line in Europe, spanning 500 km from Berlin to Frankfurt am Main. In 1881, an AC Alternator invented by the company, driven by a watermill, was used to power the world's first electric street lighting in the town of Godalming, United Kingdom. The company continued to grow and diversified into electric trains and light bulbs. During WW II they had many factories in and around famous extermination camps such as Auschwitz. Here's a big clue - Recently, in 2004, they took over the mantle of official Formula One timekeeper, replacing TAG Heuer. Just name the company.

Post your answer as a comment. Mention the blog url/homepage of urs, if u have any.

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Sandeep Pai said...

Thats an easy one - esp the last clue . Answer should be Siemens.

anish said...

The answer is Siemens AG

PS: how do u decide on the winner?

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Sunny A Padiyar said...

The ad i a brillaint one and i think the final line was breathe
all its saying that vicks prevents your noise from blockage.