Wednesday, March 07, 2007


The tagline says,
Made with only natural ingredients
Blended to perfection
Roasted for 17 hours
Then filled with coffee

We misinterpret it to be nescafe, but then it turns out to be the bottle made by Glasspac. A different kind of advertising tactic in which one tends to remember the ad/product because of the mistake he has committed in identifying it. "Learn by mistake" isnt it? :-)

adMad Trivia

So the correct answer of adMad Trivia #6 is Glasspac and today's winner is, Glenn Suares. Others who got their answers correct, congrats! :-)

adMad Trivia #7
The company was initially named the Anchor Pickle and Vinegar Works, and was run by this person and his partner LC Noble. Later the name was changed to the founder's surname by which the company is known now. Here is the giveaway clue: The company's famous slogan, "57 Varieties", was chosen in 1892 after he saw an advertisement for "21 varieties of shoes" in an elevated train in NY. His grandson's widow's second husband almost became the President of the United states. Name the founder and the company.


clemenza said...

Founder:Henry John Heinz



Anonymous said...

Heinz - E

Ravi Ananthan said...

Good Q. :)

silverine said...

Henry J. Heinz