Sunday, March 25, 2007

Budweiser Beer

Have a look at this awesome Budweiser frog ads compilation !!We're sure u gonna love this one.

Here's more info on the Budweiser frogs. The Budweiser Frogs named "Bud", "Weis", and "Er", began appearing in American television commercials for Budweiser Beer during Super Bowl XXIX. They are part of one of the most well-known international alcohol advertising campaigns ever. They were created by Greg Gorman, the long-time brand manager for Budweiser. The commercial was directed by Tom DeCerchio, the director of Celtic Pride. The commercial is been listed among the best Super Bowl advertisements in history.

After the initial ads generated great interest, new creatures began making appearances in the swamp. Beginning at Super Bowl XXXII, two wisecracking chameleons who spoke with Brooklyn accents made their debut. Louie was irritated by the frogs' incessant croaking, and jealous of their success, while Frankie was his more rational, even-tempered friend. Frankie apparently socialized with the frogs and was puzzled by Louie's animosity towards them.

Later installments in the series documented Louie's enlisting the assistance of an inept ferret hit man to do away with the frogs by attempting to electrocute them. Louie briefly replaced Weis in the Bud-Weis-Er cheer, but the other frogs revealed to Louie that they could speak with a complete vocabulary and that they knew all along about his plot against them !!!
In The Simpsons episode "The Springfield Files", the advertising campaign is satirized. The three frogs get to say their names twice, but after the second "Weis", before "Er" can say his name, a giant alligator emerges from the swamp and eats them all in one bite, after which he proudly exclaims: "Coors!"

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