Tuesday, March 06, 2007


The tagline says, together we can save the whale. And the hands form the shape of the tail fin of a whale.

adMad Trivia

As most of you guessed, the correct answer to Trivia #5 is WWF! And todays winner is Anish. Those who got the answers correct, congrats! Keep posting your answers to adMad trivia.

adMad Trivia #6
In their advertising campaigns they use brands such as Nescafe, Gleneagles and Carlsberg and you might just mistake their ads for those of one of these products. About their product they claim the following "It is 25% lighter than its predecessor, and considerably stronger. Yet, it can be shaped, etched, enamelled, coloured and decorated in an almost infinite number of ways. It is also odourless, chemically inert and 100% recyclable - while remaining cost-effective." Which brand are we talking about? Atleast can you say what do they make?


clemenza said...

i think the answer for the question is

Tetra Pack.


Glenn Suares said...


Anonymous said...

'guess. Dove?

Ravi Ananthan said...

'guessin. Dove?

Anonymous said...

GlassPac - E