Monday, March 05, 2007

Now you know why they are controversial, eh? And by the way, for the first time we have a video ad on adMad.

Yes, the answer is and unfortunately none got it right this time.

GoDaddy is an Internet domain registrar and web hosting company, which also sells e-business related software and services. Known for their controversial ads, they have increased traffic to their site after each controversy. This was voted the 'second most recalled campaign in this year’. If you are interested to see a few more of their campaigns do check out their ad link above this post.

adMad Trivia #5

This organization was formed and registered as a charitable trust on 11 September 1961, in Morges Switzerland and is known mostly by its acronym. It was an initiative of Julian Huxley and Max Nicholson, who had thirty years experience of linking progressive intellectuals with big business interests through the Political and Economic Planning think tank, with the businessman Victor Stolan, the naturalist Peter Scott and the advertising executive Guy Mountfort. Unfortunately I’d say, for a whole lot of the current generation, their acronym stands for something totally different from what this organization is into. Name this organization who actually had to fight a law suit to remedy this situation. Enough clues there I suppose.

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clemenza said...

one too many clues.



Emma said...

WWF (World Wildlife Fund)

praneeth said...

World wide Fund for Nature..wwf (Panda logo)

Glenn Suares said...

World Wide Fund for Nature