Friday, March 23, 2007


Simple one..

adMad Trivia
The winner for the trivia is Anish. Congrats man and to all those who got their answer correct. Keep the spirit going. :-)

adMad Trivia #20
This brand was introduced in 1879 by the entrepreneur Lars Olsson Smith and is produced at their facilities near Åhus, Scania in southern Sweden.The largest export market is the United States where close to 73 million litres were sold in 2003. The name "............... Renat Brännvin" was introduced by Smith to market his much improved product. Much of their fame is due to its long-running advertising campaign, created by advertising agency TBWA. Having started around 1980 with photographer Steven Bronstein, and with more than 1500 ads, the ad campaign is the longest running ever. What brand are we talking about?

Post your answer as a comment. Have a nice day :-)


anish said...



Ravi Ananthan said...

Absolut ?

Div said...

Absolut Vodka

praneeth said...

Absolt Vodka

reb said...

Being born in the village of Åhus the answer is way to easy for me, i also worked at the plant where it's fabricated :)Absolut :)