Wednesday, March 14, 2007


The tagline says, "Sharper than you think. The WMF Grand Gourmet knife with Damasteel blade." I wont say that the ad is that great but then it makes the reader drive home the point.

adMad Trivia
Today's winner is Glenn Suares. Congrats man for making it the second time, and to all those who got the answer correct. Keep the spirit going and do spread the word of adMad around...

adMad Trivia #13
There are two brand extensions for this brand. One called Advansed which has a fruity fragrance as some customers didn’t like the original brand’s smell and the other one is Sampoorna – with a blend of Hibiscus and Almonds. It is one of India’s 100 most trusted brands and also the largest brand in the world in its product category. Just name this brand.

Post your answer as a comment. Since comment moderation is enabled, your answer remains copyrighted... :p


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anish said...

parachute !!

PS: i am not sure abt the spelling

DD said...

First time here...very good stuff!

Hrishika said...

Its Parachute

Klaudis said...

I'd remember this brand. Simple but efective ad.